1. Programming Video Effect Filters in Final Cut Pro's FXScript:

In a couple of applications i just want to mix another clip into the souce clip! Make a Cut-Up visual chaos by repeating that with varying footage...

But doing that by hand is quite time-comsuming, so i was lazy and just wrote two Final Cut Pro Filters to help me. Both appear in Effects / Video when put in /Library/Application Support/Final Cut Pro System Support/Plugins. Just drop it on your video clip and you can...

Shuffle: In the Filters Tab drop a clip to mix in; select blocksize (how many frames are the junks of mixed-in video in length) and ratio (total length of mixed in compared to source clip length: maximum is 50% source and 50% mixed-in, minimum 1% mixed-in). Auto checked just sets 1 frame / 50% for a real psychodelic mix...

Splice: In the Filters Tab drop a clip to mix again, but this one does it another way round. The number in Modulo? is used to slice up the source clip while Border? decides how much of the slice is substituted with the mixed-in clip. So you have to keep Border less than Modulo. Or check Autoborder to set Border = Modulo / 2 (that is 50% mixed in) while you vary or animate Modulo - of course you can animate all parameters of the Effects.

Disclaimer: I have tested it with the old 4 HD as my most current version and have no idea if it works with newer software. If you have tested it, have remarks or ideas contact me by e-mail.


2. Opcode Galaxy Programming:

Some years ago i used Opcode Galaxy for my MIDI Hardware Patch Library and editing. As the company was bought by Gibson and every product discontinued (except Max / DSP that was sold to cycling 74), i also ceased to use OMS software.

But in the past i have spent many hours programming PatchTalk things, starting with the Waldorf MicroWave.

Two modules i have prepared for download - if you need such old software:

Librarian Module for Access Virus

Access Virus Controller Names for OMS

Librarian Module for Yamaha 03D