Guenther ALBRECHT - Music Bio

* 10.8.1962 Vienna / Austria

1978-82 Learning Saxophone & Clarinet; playing in Jazz and Rock bands since.

In 1982 founded SOUND HOME Studio for research and development in the fields of MIDI applications, electronic sound generators and computer generated music.

1995 Soundscape for the exhibition "Kulturraum Burgenland" by Joseph Hartmann.

1995/96 Music for the computer animated video "Die Simulierte Stadt" by Heidemarie Seblatnig.

Since 1996 Solo concerts and sessions in Vienna & Berlin.

Live & Electronic I, UA 22. Nov. 1996 echoraum/Wien

1997 Music for the computer animated video "Schatten der Objekte" by Heidemarie Seblatnig, UA 26. Februar 1998 basis Wien.

1998 Joining the project "Collage Jukebox" by Jerome Joy, presented at "Audio Arts - Kunst in der Stadt 2", exhibition in Bregenz/Austria.

Live & Electronic II, UA 13. März 1998 echoraum/Wien.

1999 The project "Collage Jukebox" by Jerome Joy is shown at the festival "Musiques en Scène" in the Musée d´Art Contemporain de Lyon/France.

16.3.1999, blue tomato: virus in my brain - live virtual analog acoustics

Music for the computer animated video "Stiegen Stairs Scale Stopnice Lestnica" by Heidemarie Seblatnig.

Participation in the GEM (Austrian Society for Electroacoustic Music) - performance "Klangkonzepte 99" at the rhiz/Vienna.

2000 The project "Collage Jukebox" by Jerome Joy is shown at the gallery ERSEP/Univ. Lille 3, Tourcoing/France.

Soundscape for the neonlight installation "Licht Light..." by Heidemarie Seblatnig at the exhibition "3 Positionen", Künstlerhaus Vienna.

"Schatten der Objekte" shown at the Leeds Film Festival new music video line at the Dolm Festival in Leeds/England.

2001 Presentation of my CD "Stiegen Stairs Scale Stopnice Lestnica" (Grazer Etikett GE028) featuring the music for the computer animated video by Heidemarie Seblatnig. 31.1.2001 blue tomato: Stiegen Dub #1 - CD-Presentation "Stiegen /...", Improvisation zum Video "Stiegen / ..." und Duo mit Josef Novotny..

Ensemble performance with live improvised re-scoring of the video "Stiegen ..." at the V:NM (society for new music) festival in Graz/Austria. The participating musicians ( Cordula Boesze, Guenther Albrecht, Katharina Klement, Paul Skrepek, Seppo Gruendler & Uli Fussenegger ) agree to continue working in this formation; later the name L.E.O. is adopted.

2002 The project "Collage Jukebox" by Jerome Joy is shown at the MAMCO Geneva / Switzerland.

Trio work with Cordula Boesze & Josef Novotny at unberechenBAR, Vienna. Inspired by & dedicated to Carolina Caycedo, as a final event for her project DAYTODAY at the Wiener Secession, i developed "you give - we give", an interactive concert for the trio that requires the participation of the audience. "you give - we give" is captured on a CD-ROM with text, pictures, video excerpts and the complete audio recording for an exhibition at the BEMUS / Belgrad.

L.E.O. plays at the festival Konfrontationen 2002 at the Jazzgalerie Nickelsdorf and in December uses two evenings of live concerts for the recording of a first CD.

My electro-acoustic tape composition "Dollar" is presented at the ICMC 2002 in Göteborg, Sweden. It was later included in the 2017 GEM CD Release 30/4 - Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art from Austria

Made the music for the performance "Meer / Schiff / Aschensturm" by Thomas Kamper / Author, Voice, first presented at unberechenBAR, Vienna.

2003 The project "Loop / Antiloop", a duo with Bernhard Lang, premiered at the V:NM (society for new music) festival in Graz/Austria.

My electro-acoustic tape composition "metem" is presented at the Electric Rainbow Coalition Festival, Hopkins Center for the Arts, Dartmouth College, Hanover, USA.

New solo CD ".G.A. Feed the machine!" and the L.E.O. - CD "L.E.O. = 2 x 3" are released on Grazer Etikett. Live presentation of the L.E.O.-CD with a concert on 26.11.2003 at echoraum, Vienna; Thomas Grill, iBook, played for Uli Fussenegger.

2004 Together with Beate Albrecht contributed to the Stasis_Space internet gallery project "Sonic Network Analysis: documenting and reinterpreting zones of critique and escape".

Music for the project "Checkpoint Charlie" by Herbert Adamec, with Johann Ivancsits and Cordula Bösze, unberechenBAR, Vienna.

Concert with "Trio Noir" (featuring Josef Novotny and Cordula Bösze), unberechenBAR, Vienna.

My piece "Welche Spiele Gargantua spielte" is premiered by Margarete Jungen & "das bösze salonorchester" at sargfabrik, Vienna.

Score and ambient recordings in Graz for "Life Music", a composition for 49 channels/speakers at the IEM CUBE, Graz.

2005 Live music performance for the play "Vaterunser" by György Schwajda, touring Hungary and Austria in spring and autumn with the teatro caprile, Vienna.

"Life Music" first time performed at the IEM CUBE, Graz. The follow-up project "Live Life Music" with Franz Schmuck, percussion and me on synth was performed during the fifth V:NM Festival at the IEM CUBE, Graz.

"Johannes Tinctoris: Complexus effectuum musices" first five parts performed at echoraum with Seppo Gründler extended guitar, electronics; Josef Novotny electronics; Franz Schmuck percussion.

2006 "Werft ihn in die tiefste Sauna !", a Hanns Dieter Hüsch memento with Herbert Adamec reading selected texts, accompanied by me on synth, premiered at "das dorf" and repeated at M.E.L. Kunsthandel and echoraum, Vienna.

"Life Music" from DVD with 5.0 sound is presented during a lecture on this work at cuisine digitale, MuseumsQuartier, Vienna.

Live music performance for the play "Vaterunser" by György Schwajda, touring Hungary with the teatro caprile, Vienna.

2007 The Gargantua & Pantagruel piece "Die schönen Bücher der Sankt Victoris - Bibliothek" first time performed at the Musikhochschule Graz during the sixth V:NM Festival.

The 3rd Gargantua & Pantagruel piece, called "Wie Pantagruel und Panurg Tribulet Ehrennamen geben" is performed for the first time at a concert in the library of the Wiener Musikuniversität organized by the ÖGZM.

"Life Music" in a new 8 channel version(audio only) is presented at Klangprojektionen (4/7), a concert at the Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien by the Institute for Composition and Elektroacoustics together with the International Society for New Music (IGNM), Vienna.

"Life Music" is screened at VISUAL RHYTHMS - Event, Gathering, Exhibition, Forum organized by Simon Longo and Max Schleser at The Sheppard Bar, Shepherd's Bush, London.

"Life Music" as an installation (Video and 5.0 sound) is presented at the exhibition "1.x-tended", Neulengbach, Nether Austria. Music solo performance with visuals by Beate Albrecht for the opening night.

2008 "Life Music" is screened at A10 medialab launch () RE Ι BOOT; - Area 10 Project Space Peckham, Eagle Wharf, Peckham Square, London.

The Video "99_1!" by A.R.G.E. KATZEN (Beate + Günther Albrecht) has first screening at the 2.X-tended visionXsound ExperimentalMusikVideoContest 2008 at the rhiz/Vienna.

"Life Music" is screened at ElectroMediaWorks '08 in Athens, Greece..

Solo performance at »im wald da sind die räuber«, festival zeitgenössischer musik und poesie, laab im walde / NÖ.

2009 The next two Gargantua & Pantagruel pieces, "Das Leben des François Rabelais" and "Trinkergespräche", with Johann Ivancsits, Voice, premiered at the V:NM Festival Graz.

2011 "Theologia Deutsch" with Katharina Grabher, Taped Voice, premiered at the V:NM Festival Graz.

2015 "ears wide open(ed)" with Gloria Damijan - toy piano, Uli Winter - cello, Fredi Pröll - drums, percussion, premiered at the V:NM Festival Graz.

2016 Participated at "SIGNALZIRKUS #003" : Gloria Damijan - toy piano, Günther Albrecht - (dirty) electronics.

2017 Gloria Damijan - toy piano, Günther Albrecht - (dirty) electronics with the project Eschata played at Small Forms Session @ nadalokal, Setzkasten Wien - Kastenkonzert #5, Porgy & Bess, In der Strengen Kammer: Lost & Found, DerBlödeDritteMittwoch #66@rhiz and atelier blumentopf.

"Stufen / Steps", a solo piece for tape and live electronics, performed at 11. V:NM Festival Graz

First release from Eschata (Gloria Damijan - toy piano & Günther Albrecht - (dirty) electronics) smallforms session on Bandcamp, iTunes / iMusic, Amazon / Unlimited and streaming on Deezer and Spotify.

2018 Eschata played at aart eventraum, gallery 12-14 Performance Festival - Common Past Common Future and @ Kuglmugl.

2019 Eschata at KunstbeTrieb, Zaratan - Arte Contemporânea Lisboa, Covil Peniche, Trio DonauTejo - Eschata with Luís VICENTE, trumpet at 12. V:NM Festivals 2019, Eschata feat. Carlo MASCOLO @VEKKS

2020 Eschata @ Wow! Signal Session, Kramladen Wien