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Life Music: Screened at

() RE | BOOT; area 10

friday 11th & saturday 12th of april / Area 10 Project space <AREA 10: MEDIALAB /> launch:
workshops, lectures and presentations alongside an exhibition of digital and interactive arts
Participating Artist, Musicians and Hackers:

Project Serendipity (UK) Rob Davis (UK) Andy Wheddon & Fraser Geesin (UK) Genetic Moo Project (Peckham) Radek Rudnicki (UK) Erik Groen & Piebe de Vries (Holland) CathSign (France) Peckham Space (UK) Deptford.TV (UK) Chiara Passa (Italy) Phill Niblock (USA) Thibaud De Souza (UK) Sinsynplus (Germany) Günther Albrecht (Austria) Apo33 (France) Martin John Callanan (UK) Lawrence Upton (UK) Mattin (Basque Country) ManamiN (Japan) Nanofamas (Corsica) Goto10 & OpenLab (UK) Constant (Belgium) Yvan Etienne & Brice Jeannin (France) Medialab Madrid (Spain), Sonic (France) Tim Goldie (UK) Cnidoblasts(UK) Sunshine Frere (UK) Jean-Phillippe Roux (France)...
re boot

ElectroMediaWorks 08emw 08
Live Electronics   Interactive Performance   Electronic Music   Video & Interactive Installations
14. - 18. Mai 2008 at ART FACTORY, Lamias 6 & Pireos, Athens, Greece.

Medea Electronique, CMCP (Center for Music Composition and Performance) and EPHMEE (Electroacoustic Music Research and Applications Lab, Music Dept. Ionian University) co-organize an intensive program over five days and nights, presenting international shows and productions featuring innovative media art, electronic music and cross-over work performed by musicians, video artists and sonic artists.

Festival Director - Manolis Manousakis
Artistic Director - Maria Aloupi
Curator - Christos Laskaris
Production Managers - Andreas Diktyopoulos, Panagiotis Tsagarakis