About my CD »Feed The Machine!«


Since 1997 i have been experimenting with live improvisation, using the Access Virus & the Yamaha vl-70m, played by a Yamaha WX7 wind controller. »Virus In My Brain«, a series of improvisations that include the soundtrack for »Stairs«, as a further restriction concentrated on one sound-producing machine only: The Access Virus, a »Virtual-Analogue« synthesizer capable of endless sonic variations and equiped with an array of knobs that can be used to manipulate, modulate or trigger sound in real time.

»Feed The Machine!« uses the Virus in his multitimbral mode, triggering sound by MIDI and audio; using the internal possibilities to manipulate in real-time; programming the Virus like a machine that is capable of reactions or a bandmember just playing...

Recording is available on Bandcamp