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Gloria DAMIJAN (extended) toy piano
Günther ALBRECHT (dirty) electronics

You can hear scraping, swishing, rustling, throbbing, ringing, cracking, hissing, sizzling - in their duo "Eschata", Gloria Damijan & GŁnther Albrecht move at low volumes through freely improvised sound landscapes, in which sometimes even music seems to shimmer through. The two musicians first met participating at the project 'Ears Wide Open' at V:NM Festival Graz 2015. Since then, they have played many rehersal / recording sessions and concerts: Signalzirkus, Small Forms Session @ nadalokal, Setzkasten Wien - Kastenkonzert #5, Porgy & Bess, In der Strengen Kammer: Lost & Found, DerBlödeDritteMittwoch #66@rhiz, KulturKontakt Austria + MOOZAK: KLUB MOOZAK #94@Republik Kugelmugel, KunstbeTrieb, Zaratan - Arte Contempor‚nea and Covil.

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You can find the first release from Eschatas smallforms session on Bandcamp, iTunes / iMusic, Amazon / Unlimited and streamed at
Deezer and Spotify

Live Recordings are available on EXIT.LIVE/eschata

More material about Eschata is available as PDF in english or german, and here is a photo.

A Technical Rider is available as PDF in english or german

Gloria Damijan : (Extended) Toy Piano
First born out of the need to have an alternative for a piano, as that is only present very seldom at improvised music venues, playing the Toy Piano was much inspired by the works of John Cage. To extend the tonal space of the instruments by its inner life, the soundboard was removed and it was combined with other sound generating objects. So this brought up a momentum evolving into the direction of a self-buildt sound box.

GŁnther Albrecht : (Dirty) Electronics
Center of the current work are the single board synths by John Richards ( They combine easy transport and configuration with spontaneous operation / control by touch, in a way that moves the act of playing near a performance. Causing, at least partly, unpredictability of the generated acoustic events, they need constant awareness and quick response, thereby preventing a main sin of improvised music: Professionally repeating musical clichťs.